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Please spend a few minutes reading this chapter. We have tried to explain the technology that makes Emtrac Plus an extremely reliable and affordable battery for you.


You would know that all batteries in the market are advertised as long life, high energy, high cranking amps, heavy duty, high reserve capacity, deep cycle and in several other words and phrases which are totally ill defined with little or no legal standards defining such terms.


To identify a quality battery, you must find out who manufactures it. This will lead you to more information like the technology employed and the quality certifications of the plant.


Emtrac Plus batteries are manufactured in India and is jointly owned by the world’s largest automotive battery manufacturer with over 100 years of experience in developing batteries to meet the evolving needs of todays vehicles.


The factory is approved as original equipment suppliers for vehicle manufacturers such as Mercedes, Honda, Ford, Suzuki, Tata, Volvo, Leyland and others.


The facility is a QS 9000, ISO 14001 & TS 16949 certified plant. The factory is fully automated, certified environmentally friendly for workers and the community. All equipment are world class and very stringent quality control and testing practices are in place. For example:


  • Emtrac Plus Batteries are tested in hot bath maintained at 70 °C. This confirms reliablity in extremely high ambient temperatures of even the Middle Eastern regions.  


  • Emtrac Plus batteries are tested to function on vibrating platform. This ensures safety and reliability on bad roads and rugged terrains.


All electrical connectivities and the strength of the Ribbed Polypropelene Container is put to adequate test.


The design and technlogy employed distinguishes Emtrac Plus Batteries from most other battery brands in the market.


Some of the features which make Emtrac Plus Batteries Affordable with Very Low Cost Of Ownership are highlighted below:


  • Every piece of finished component that go into manufacturing Emtrac Plus is produced inhouse to ensure quality and affordability. There are no third party suppliers for finished components.

  • Silver Alloy Compound are used to lower corrosion rate and avoid top ups.

  • Patented BIC (best in class) vents offers enhanced safety and reduces evaporation loss.

  • Largest possible Inter Cell Welding of 19mm Lugs ensures Higher Cranking.

  • ExclusivePowerFrame® grid technology, which delivers up to 66 percent more durability and corrosion-resistant than any other grid designs.

  • The PowerFrame grid design provides up to 70 percent better electrical flow than other grid technologies.

  • PowerFrame manufacturing uses 20 percent less energy and produces 20 percent fewer greenhouse gases than other manufacturing methods.

  • All of these features — combined with superior safety, quality and our closed-looped recycling process — allow us to offer high-performing, environmentally friendly products.

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